January 28, 2015

Port Wine Stains & How To Conceal Them

Leesburg Port Wine Stain Removal

A port wine stain is usually a birth mark that deepens in hue as it ages. The purple or reddish discoloration is a result of a capillary malformation beneath the skin. Usually, port wine stains last for a lifetime – it’s extremely unusual that they go away on their own. Many treatments have been suggested in efforts to lighten or mask these marks, but many such treatments are dangerous, damaging, or ineffective. Port wine stain removal using lasers, surgery, or radiation are among such treatments.

Many people choose to cover their port wine stain with makeup – this daily chore takes time and may not be as effective as desired. Our permanent makeup and paramedical expert, Leisa, is a highly experienced aesthetician and, working with your doctor, can recommend and provide a permanent cover-up solution. This safe and time-tested method has worked for thousands of people – there may not be any need to apply daily makeup or dress around your port wine stain anymore.

Permanent makeup is an efficient and effective means of “removing” a port wine stain. In reality, the stain is tattooed with a color that matches your skin
tone. The confidence and happiness that we help to provide our clients frequently improves their daily life.  At About Faces, we are committed to helping our clients look their best at all times. If you have questions for Leisa about a port wine stain cover-up, please feel free to fill out the contact form below.

Remember that About Faces is the premier Leesburg Permanent Makeup Clinic, dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to our clients. Much of the work we do is corrective, partially due to the high volume of unlicensed or inexpert providers of permanent makeup in Leesburg. Please make sure to exercise caution when choosing an aesthetician, you’re trusting them with your looks! Contact us today if you’re interested in visiting our Sterling location for a port wine stain cover up consultation or other permanent makeup matter.

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