January 28, 2015

2015: Managing Your Resolutions

Northern Virginia Permanent Makeup

At About Faces,  Northern Virginia Permanent Makeup, we are dedicated to the highest standard of care for our clients.  Our expert aesthetician, Leisa, has many years of successful experience helping her clients look their best, and is ready to help you look your best at all times. The new year is often filled with self-improvement resolutions such as weight loss, lifestyle changes, and education or professional goals. An important element to successfully sticking to these goals is time management. In the spirit of the New Year, here are a few time management tips that you might find helpful:

1. Log Your Activity for an entire week. Record your actions, conversations, and thoughts as well as you can for an entire seven-day week. This will help
you understand how you currently spend your time – where your most valuable moments are spent, what you do in your down-time, and where you can save time in the future.

2. Plan Your Day, every day. It’s important to allocate at least 15 minutes to plan your whole day when you wake up in the morning. This planning could be on a day-planner or schedule, or could even just be in your mind while you sip coffee. Investigate efficiency apps for your smartphone.  These often
incorporate alarms and notifications that you may find helpful.

3. Determine What You Want to get out of every major interaction: phone calls, business conversations, trips to the gym, trips to the store, etc. If you spend just five minutes to set a goal for these activities, you will find yourself more task-oriented and efficient when performing them.

4. Shave Minutes off of your daily routines where you can. These can add up to some much-needed down time before bed or  other quality moments with loved ones. Having an hour to yourself to clear your mind and reduce stress before going to sleep allows you some much-needed mental clarity and resiliency. If you have ever tried your hardest to think of something that you cannot recall and had it hit you when you first awake or start to do something else, you know the feeling. Down time is all about that “eureka” moment and allowing it to find you.

One of the most valuable things about permanent makeup is the time that it saves you. What if you could have an extra half hour in the morning to
yourself, or at night? Would you sleep more, cook a healthier breakfast, spend more time with loved ones, or catch up on some reading? Another wonderful thing about having an expert aesthetician see to your personal appearance and thus well-being, is that you have the opportunity
to consult with a professional on your ideal style, and have it expertly applied. That way, you will look your best in all future activities no matter the
occasion: at the gym, swimming, a night out, or even just waking up in the morning. Make sure to contact our Northern Virginia Permanent Makeup Office for more information!

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