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Northern Virginia Permanent Makeup

Leisa SutherlinLeisa Sutherlin is a highly accomplished paramedical aesthetician and permanent make-up artist.  As an expert in color and texture, Leisa can enhance your natural beauty.

Leisa has conducted Thousands of successful cosmetic and paramedical procedures for clients throughout Northern Virginia (from Richmond through Fairfax and up to Leesburg, VA), Washington D.C., Maryland, and West Virginia for over 13 years.  Her style gives clients a very natural appearance to enhance and bring out the best in what you already have.  The Intended Result: No one knows you have permanent makeup unless you tell them.

  1. Licensed in Permanent Cosmetics by the State of Virginia
  2. Member of Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals for Over a Decade
  3. One of the first to become licensed by the State of Virginia
  4. Affiliated with the area’s most prestigious doctors:

Plastic Surgeons (Dr.  David E. Berman – of John Wayne Bobbitt fame), Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists.

Leisa says: “There is no other work that I’ve ever done that compares to cosmetic and paramedical tattooing.” When I am tattooing someone’s make-up or providing a corrective or restorative procedure, to me, it is not like work at all – it’s like I’m painting a picture.  The end result is so gratifying for my clients and myself.  Nothing else I’ve ever done compares.”

Specialties:  Include Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Restorative, Corrective, and Paramedical Procedures.

Leisa Says: “Don’t bargain shop for your face save the bargain shopping for things you can return.”  It’s Your face / Its Permanent.

A significant portion of Leisa’s work is correcting undesired permanent make-up issues created by improper color selection or improperly placed color.

Imagine having perfect brows, gorgeous eyes, and sensual lips everyday for years to come!

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