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Permanent eyebrows are especially effective beauty solutions for busy, active, professionals, who need to look their best at all times. Applying makeup takes time. Choosing appropriate lines, shapes, colors, and fixing inadvertent smudges and smears is annoying, aggravating, and a waste of your time. Permanent makeup, carefully selected to compliment your unique skin tone and bone structure, not only enhances your natural beauty, but can solve everyday problems and ease your daily routine. With the application of a topical anesthetic the procedure is almost painless and recovery time is short.

As an expert aesthetician, Leisa has an exceptional talent for seeing your inherent beauty and then designing and applying your eye brows using shape and color in a style that best suits you as an individual and enhances your natural beauty. Based on years of training and experience in delineation and color theory, she will choose colors that compliment your unique skin tone and will not fade into an undesired colors over time, and she will choose shapes that are best suited to your bone structure (rather than applying a mere one-shape-fits all “stencil,” as experienced by many of Leisa’s clients who have previously used other permanent makeup providers). During your initial consult, you will have an in-depth conversation about what look you prefer and exactly what you can expect during the whole cycle of the process. Leisa is a certified professional and an artist by trade. Her attention to detail, personal touch, compassion and dedication to her clients is unmatched in the field. When you join the ranks of satisfied About Faces Customers, you can rest assured that you have been served by the best in the industry.

About Faces is a leading provider of permanent eyebrows in Northern Virginia. Permanent Makeup is an industry that sometimes suffers from pseudo-professionals who do not have the proper training or certifications to practice and who have little or insufficient knowledge of color theory or how makeup lines and shapes must be individualized for each person to enhance each individual’s natural beauty. We operate in the sterile professional medical facilities of an internationally recognized plastic surgeon. Make sure to contact us today for a consultation using the form below, and we’ll schedule a time for you to meet with our expert aesthetician in our state of the art Leesburg Permanent Eyebrows Clinic!

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