Professional and Sterile Medical Facilities

Importantly, Leisa operates in the sterile professional medical facilities of an internationally recognized plastic surgeon. While some permanent makeup providers say that that they are affiliated with or have referrals from medical doctors, very few if any actually work in doctor’s offices much less in the professional and sterile medical facilities of an internationally renowned doctor’s office. Leisa operates in the sterile professional medical facilities of Dr. David Berman, M.D., F.R.C.S.C where Leisa has conducted her procedures for well over a decade.

Permanent makeup is an industry that sometimes suffers from pseudo-professionals who do not have the proper training or certifications to practice and who have little or insufficient experience with sterile techniques, inadequate knowledge of color theory and how makeup lines and shapes must be individualized for each person in order to truly enhance each individual’s natural beauty and withstand the test of time. Much of Leisa’s work is corrective procedures for clients who have experienced undesirable results from other permanent makeup providers. Most of Leisa’s clients are repeat customers or clients who come to Leisa based on referrals from her many satisfied customers.

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