What You Should Know

Technique:  Most of Leisa’s work is done by hand, just as if drawing with a pen or pencil.  She feels this gives her total control over precisely where we want the pigment to go into the skin with a very natural looking appearance as the final result.

Soft Tap Method:  At About Faces®, Leisa offers the Softap™ hand method technique, as opposed to the typical rotary or coil machine methods.  Most of our procedures are performed using a unique hand tool that is about the size of a writing pen. Single flat prongs or clusters of fine prongs are dipped into permanent pigments and applied into the skin by gently lifting and softly tapping the skin. This is by far the gentlest technique available.  Most clients agree that the procedure is far more comfortable than they anticipated. The hand method technique also provides the most natural look.  The results not only make you look better, but also can make you feel better and younger!

Styles: There are different styles, from soft natural looking enhancements, to more defined lines, as well as many colors to choose from. Leisa has the qualities, experience, and expertise to guide you to make optimal decisions for your personal taste and needs, and then to apply these skills in a manner to meet and exceed your expectations. Whatever look you decide on, her unique hand method provides the safest, gentlest, most natural looking application. And, it should be comforting to know, the hand method is 100% disposable. That means you do not have to rely on someone to properly sterilize equipment and machinery to protect you from risk of infection.

Imagine having perfect brows, gorgeous eyes, and sensual lips everyday for years to come!  You will wake up, shower, work, swim, exercise and go to bed always looking your best!